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Welcome to Bergen Bistro

We founded Bergen Bistro with a goal of serving fresh, delicious and affordable food all year round. Our location, 1758 Junction suite AA, has been a longstanding San Jose eatery since 1985, and our intention is to honor and nourish this rich tradition.

At Bergen Bistro, you will find a wide selection of flavorful meals, including hot and cold sandwiches, pastas, salads and homemade soups. Bergen Bistro also offers complete corporate and private catering services. Our menus feature both recognizable favorites and new and exciting blends of cuisines found throughout the world. We are dedicated to offering extensive menu choices and service options that can accommodate any budget.

With community and environmental consciousness, our mission is to minimize carbon foot print and support local businesses. We make sure to purchase only fresh and quality produces from approved vendors who are located within 10 mile radius.

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